The Consultants


We are licensed by the State of Illinois to do evaluations, ALL the classes, and substance abuse counseling.


We are a substance abuse counseling agency in business for over 20 years. We are family owned and oriented. It's just Carolyn and me working here so things are done without hassle and in a friendly, open and accepting manner.

Our primary business is in completing DUI evaluations and then offering the classes and/or treatment that is required by the state. We also do other substance abuse assessments/evaluations, group and individual counseling and drug screens for the court and anyone else who needs these services.

We’ve been working as counselors since 1983 so even though we're not lawyers we know a lot about DUI arrests and the process you have to go through after the arrest.

One thing we know is that after a DUI arrest most folks are feeling pretty upset and often are confused about what they're supposed to do next. This webpage is designed with the intent to help you figure it all out.


Here’s some information that should be helpful to you and the first thing I would recommend is that you talk to an attorney. You do not want to go to court without being represented by someone who knows what's going on. If you can't afford an attorney tell the judge, at your first court appearance, and he/she will allow you to apply for the services of a public defender.

Here's some information about the process you are facing.


Usually you can drive for 45 days after your DUI arrest and then your suspension starts. If you took a breath or blood or urine test when you were arrested the minimum suspension is 6 months and if you refused the tests the suspension is a year. The portable breath test does not count as having taken the test.

Once the suspension starts you can’t drive at all for at least 30 days but if you qualify to have the breath test machine (BAID device) in your car you can drive with it after the first 30 days of your suspension and until the end of your suspension. You have to get an evaluation before you can get the BAID device.

Everybody that gets arrested for DUI will be ordered by the court to get an alcohol and other drug evaluation, and then you will have to take some classes.  The evaluation determines how many hours of classes you will have to take.

At your first court appearance the judge will order you to get the evaluation and a second court appearance will be scheduled so you can be sentenced.  If you would like to possibly avoid going to court twice you can get the evaluation done before your first court date. If you are using an attorney you shouldn't do anything with consulting him/her.