The Consultants

About Us


Jim went through treatment/rehab for alcoholism and drug addiction in November 1981 and has been clean and sober ever since... AA and or NA do work, for him. Following treatment he quit his job on the railroad and went to school. In 1983 he got his first counseling job and in 1985 he completed all the requirements to be certified by the state as a CADC.. certified alcohol and drug counselor. He went into private practice in 1992.


Carolyn was, for over 15 years, an elementary school teacher, and decided she wanted a career change. She went back to school (where she and Jim met and got married), became employed as a counselor in 1985 and shortly after was certified by the state as a CADC.. certified alcohol and drug counselor. While working days she went to school nights and completed requirements for her Masters degree. As a result of getting her Masters, she was certified as a Certified Senior Alcohol and Drug Counselor, CSADC.


Ring, the official greeter of THE CONSULTANTS, has shown that he possesses the necessary attributes of a professional greeter, i.e. he loves everybody on the planet and wags his entire body.


It's just Jim, Carolyn and Ring doing all the work here so here's how the work is divided-up... When you come for a DUI evaluation Ring will greet you and Jim will conduct the evaluation and the Risk Education classes which all DUI offenders must complete. Carolyn is in charge of conducting the additional hours of classes, which most DUI offenders have to take and Carolyn also does all the other types of evaluations. See the CONTACT US page for their separate cell-phone numbers.